DJ Equipment Hire for London & The South East

All of our DJ Kit is in the form of Rane Pioneer Technics and Allen & Heath.

We stock the following items:

Why are we better than our competitors?

“Lobster sir? or would you prefer fish fingers”   

You have the choice in a restaurant and it’s the same price…what would you do? 

German built precision car or cheap alternative?  

The price is the same so what would you rather have?

The reason why we use NOVA is due to its accuracy, build quality and faultless design..

Oh and after testing guess what we discovered?..."IT SOUNDS BETTER THAN THE OTHERS!!"

As perfectionists in sound we demand the very best and nothing else will do.

We at audio energy are that confident in our systems we are offering to compare your current system against ours in any situation.

We offer a service that gives you the best for the same price… Why settle for second best?

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DJ equipment hire for the South East & London